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Why do Japanese people often slurp when eating noodles?

When you go to eat noodles in Japan, you will certainly be surprised to see some Japanese people around you slurping their noodles loudly.
If the act of making noise while eating is considered impolite in some countries, in Japan, this is considered an act of showing appetite.

There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Helps you feel the richer taste.
    Slurping vigorously causes the maximum amount of soup to blend into the noodles with each pick, helping to feel the richer taste. On the contrary, if you eat slowly, the soup will flow back into the bowl and the taste will be lighter.
  2. Helps to feel the fragrance more.
    Inside our nose there is a concentration of cells that help sense fragrance. When you slurp vigorously, more soup will enter your mouth, and these cells will also perceive the aroma better.

Slurping while eating noodles is part of Japanese culinary culture.
Once you understand the reason, you will see that this is the way to enjoy the flavor of noodles in the most delicious way.
Next time you have the opportunity to eat noodles in Japan, try slurping while eating!


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