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10 popular Japanese sweets loved by foreigners

Japanese sweets are renowned for their diversity and exceptional quality, however, not every type of Japanese sweets are suitable for foreign palates.

I have tried buying many popular Japanese sweets for my family and have realized that sometimes the more affordable ones are preferred over the premium ones.

In this article, I have compiled “10 Japanese sweets loved by foreigners” based on my own experiences and those of other foreigners.

If you are wondering what to buy as a gift after your trip to Japan, please refer to it.

YOKU MOKU Cigare cookies

Cigare cookies (20 rolls)

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1,620 jpy

YOKU MOKU is a long-standing and extremely famous sweets brand in Japan.
YOKU MOKU’s most popular sweets line is Cigare cookies with a fragrant butter flavor and gentle sweetness, which can be said to suit everyone’s taste.

Another plus point of YOKU MOKU cookies is that the cookie boxes are made of tin with elegant colors and patterns, making them not only convenient for gifting to family and friends but also suitable for business partners.

Places to buy: You can find them in shopping centers or at airports.

Website: https://www.yokumoku.jp/

SHIROI KOIBITO Chocolate Cookies

SHIROI KOIBITO (24 Biscuits)

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2,680 jpy ~

If you have ever worked with Japanese people, you have probably been gifted SHIROI KOIBITO chocolate cookies at least once.
It can be said that SHIROI KOIBITO cookies are one of the most iconic choices for gifts after business trips or travels to Japan.

With its structure of a sweet and smooth chocolate layer sandwiched between two crispy and fragrant cookies, SHIROI KOIBITO cookies are sure to make you want to keep eating and never stop.
The cookies taste exceptionally delicious when paired with hot tea. So, if you’re looking for a treat to gift to someone who enjoys tea, SHIROI KOIBITO cookies are an excellent and fitting choice.

Places to buy: You can find them in shopping centers or at airports.

Website: https://shop.ishiya.co.jp/collections/shiroi-koibito

ROYCE’ Nama Chocolate

Nama chocolate cocoa flavor
(20 pieces/box)

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864 jpy

Nama chocolate matcha flavor
(20 pieces/box)

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864 jpy

Nama chocolate is a traditional type of chocolate considered a premium Japanese product. Unlike regular chocolate, Nama chocolate is coated with cocoa powder, creating soft and gentle chocolate that melts right in the mouth.

Because of its melting nature, Nama chocolate needs to be kept cold frequently, so it will be a bit inconvenient if you carry Nama chocolate on the go for a long period of time. To enjoy the wonderful taste of Nama chocolate, you should buy it right at the airport and put it in a thermal bag before boarding the plane, this will help the chocolate retain its shape and flavor until the final destination.

Believe me, anyone who has tried ROYCE’ Nama chocolate will be fascinated by its excellent taste and will want to eat it again. So, even if it’s a bit inconvenient, try to buy it and bring it as a gift to your loved one.

Places to buy: Hokkaido region and at the airport.

Website: https://www.royce.com/goods/list/?in_category=C200

KITKAT chocolate

Besides the traditional chocolate flavor, Japan’s KitKat is interesting in that it combines with local specialties to create many KITKAT lines with extremely unique flavors. You can find green tea-flavored KitKat using Matcha from Uji Prefecture, cantaloupe-flavored KitKat from Hokkaidō, or even mustard-flavored KitKat – a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture.
You know, many foreigners are even willing to travel to Japan just to buy these interesting KitKat bars.

If you are looking for a delicious and Japanese-style candy to give as a gift, KitKat is also a recommendation.

Place to buy: at all supermarkets in Japan.

Website: https://nestle.jp/kitkat/products

POCKY chocolate-covered crunchy biscuit sticks

Pocky chocolate flavor (10 boxes)

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1,830 jpy ~

green tea flavor (10 boxes)

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1,944 jpy ~

Pocky is the leading chocolate-covered crunchy biscuit sticks brand in Japan. The cookie sticks, although thin, are incredibly crispy, and when combined with the smooth, fragrant chocolate layer, they create an extremely delicious sensation.
Another plus point of Pocky is that a box has many sticks so you can freely share with friends or colleagues.

The most popular Pocky flavor is the traditional chocolate flavor. In addition, you can also choose green tea flavored Pocky or almond flavored Pocky, these are also flavors that are very popular with foreigners.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Website: https://www.pocky.jp/

MEIJI Almond chocolate

Almond chocolate (10 boxes)

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2,980 jpy ~

MEIJI Almond chocolate can be considered a classic sweets that always appears in the backpack of anyone returning from Japan.

The sweet chocolate taste gradually melts in the mouth mixed with the fatty taste of the crunchy almonds inside, creating an extremely delicious feeling.

Beautiful packaging, affordable price and importantly, a flavor suitable for both children and adults, MEIJI Almond chocolate is an attractive gift that you can bring back after your trip to Japan.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Website: https://www.meiji.co.jp/products/chocolate/



Buy at Amazon (3 types)

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1,280 jpy ~

KANRO milk candy(4 packs)

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1,017 jpy ~

You might be surprised, but Japanese candy is also among the souvenir items that many foreigners purchase to bring back home.

Not only known for their high quality and variety, but Japanese sweets also score points with their beautiful packaging, as each piece of candy is often individually wrapped, making it convenient for sharing with many people.

My suggestion is RYUKAKUSAN throat candy or KANRO candy, as these are two Japanese sweets that are particularly popular among foreigners.
Furthermore, mint candies like FRISK or MINTIA have also been receiving significant attention recently.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Gummy Candy

MEIJI fruit gummy

Buy at Amazon (10 packs)

Buy at Rakuten (9 packs)

2,160 jpy ~

Pure soft gummy (6 packs)

Buy at Amazon

Buy at Rakuten

763 jpy ~

Gummy Candy is also a suggestion if you are wondering about choosing a gift after your trip to Japan.

Japanese Gummy Candy is not only famous for their delicious flavor and variety of types, but are also very convenient with their zip bag design, helping to preserve the candy for longer even if you don’t eat it all.

You can choose fruit gummy from MEIJI or Pure soft gummy, these are both extremely popular brands abroad.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Potato Chips

Chip Star Potato Chips 3 flavors

Buy at Amazon (6 tubes)

Buy at Rakuten (12 tubes)

1,764 jpy ~

CALBEE Jagarico 6 types x 2 each

Buy at Amazon

Buy at Rakuten

2,480 jpy ~

Potato snacks are not unfamiliar to many, but seaweed-flavored or wasabi-flavored potato snacks will surely make your family and friends exclaim with delight when they receive them.

In fact, Japanese potato snacks are highly favored by foreigners. However, for convenience in carrying, you can choose CHIP STAR tube or CALBEE cup potato snacks instead of the bagged ones.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

KAKI NO TANE rice cake

KAKI NO TANE soy sauce flavor

Buy at Amazon (6 packs)

Buy at Rakuten (12 packs)

1,944 jpy ~

KAKI NO TANE wasabi flavor (12 packs)

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2,558 jpy ~

KAKI NO TANE is a traditional Japanese rice cake.
With its small, easy-to-eat shape, crispy texture and characteristic salty, spicy flavor, KAKI NO TANE is truly addictive to anyone who tries it for the first time.

In Japan, KAKI NO TANE is not only a popular snack but also a typical snack with beer, loved by children and adults.

If you are looking for a different type of Japanese candy as a gift, try KAKI NO TANE.

Place to buy: at most supermarkets and convenience stores.


Above is a list of “Top 10 Japanese sweets loved by foreigners” that I have compiled based on my own experience and that of foreign friends around me.

In addition to typical types like KITKAT or POKY, you will probably be surprised to know that Japanese candies or gummy candies are also loved by many foreigners.

I hope the content in this article will help you choose the right sweets and treats for gifting.

Note: When purchasing chocolate-containing products online, you should choose a cool shipping service (クール便) to prevent the chocolate from melting during transportation.


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