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20 souvenirs you must buy when going to Japan

Are you traveling in Japan and wondering what to buy as gifts for relatives and friends?

Don’t worry, because this wonderful country has a lot of cute and convenient gifts for you to choose from.
Besides gifts with strong Japanese identity such as Yukata or Daruma dolls, cosmetics and confectionery are also very popular gifts for tourists to Japan.

In this article, we have compiled “20 must-buy souvenirs when going to Japan”, which will definitely help you find the right gift to give to your loved ones.


Great taste, beautifully designed and easy to find, confectionery is the top choice on the gift list from Japan.

If you don’t want to carry a lot of luggage, you can go to the airport a little early to buy candy directly there.
Don’t worry about the price because in Japan, the price of the same type of confectionery is the same, whether at a supermarket in town, a high-end confectionery store or at the airport.

Sake, Umeshu, Whiskey

Set of 3 DASSAI Sake bottles
(180ml x 3 bottles)

Price: 3,080 yen

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Premium plum wine
(720ml/ bottle)

Price: 3,300 yen

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Japanese alcohol is also a meaningful gift to give to friends and relatives after returning from Japan.

There are many types of Japanese alcohol, most notably Sake (called Nihonshu in Japanese).
Choose sweet sake (called Amakuchi in Japanese) instead of spicy, it will be easier to drink.

For girls, you can choose plum wine (called Umeshu in Japanese) or Chuhai cocktail.

As for those who love Whiskey, they will certainly be happy to receive a bottle of Suntory Yamazaki Whiskey.

In Japan, you can buy alcohol at any supermarket, or even at famous electronics store chains such as BIC CAMERA, Yodobashi Camera also sell alcohol.

Matcha powder, Matcha sweets

Japanese Matcha green tea has long been famous for its great taste and many health benefits such as anti-aging and strengthening the immune system. Therefore, it would be a pity if you travel to Japan and do not buy Matcha powder or Matcha sweets as gifts.

In Japan, you can find Matcha powder at supermarkets or shopping centers. Depending on the type, the price will range from a few hundred yen to about 2,000 yen for 30g of Matcha powder.

Note that Matcha powder is difficult to dissolve, so you need a tea whisk (Chasen) for the powder to dissolve evenly. Therefore, if you cannot prepare a tea whisk, you should buy instant Matcha Latte powder or Matcha-flavored sweets which will be more convenient.

Instant Cup Noodles

It’s true that it takes up a bit of space in your luggage, but instant cup noodles are an absolute must-buy souvenir after your trip to Japan.

There are many brands and flavors of instant cup noodles in Japan, and all are delicious, so you don’t have to think too much when choosing.

My suggestion is Cup Noodle of Nisshin – the leading cup noodle brand in Japan.
The attractive point is that Cup Noodle of Nisshin also come in mini size, so it’s very convenient to buy in case your suitcase doesn’t have too much space left.

You can find cup noodles at any supermarket or convenience store, for about 200 yen ~ 300 yen/cup.

Electronice device

Zojirushi 220V Rice Cooker (Made in Japan)

Price: 23,215 yen ~

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OMRON blood pressure monitor (battery powered)

Price: 12,000 yen

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Made in Japan electronics have long been popular around the world for their impeccable quality.

You can choose a facial cleanser that also has a massage function for yourself, or a blood pressure monitor for your parents, for example.

If the luggage weight allows, I suggest you buy a Japanese rice cooker.
I also bought it as a gift for my family, and after more than 8 years of use, it is still durable and the cooked rice is extremely delicious even though I only use mid-range priced rice.

In Japan, you can find electronics at electronics store chains like BIC CAMERA, Yodobashi Camera or Yamada Denki.

Note that Japan uses 110V current, so most products displayed at electronics stores can only be used for 110V electricity.
If you want to buy electronics that can be used for other currents, you should ask the staff for detailed instructions.


Medicines in Japan are not only diverse but also very effective, so you can also choose as a gift when going to Japan.

Some types of medicine that foreigners often buy are pain relief patches, sore throat medicine, and eye drops.
Or if you want to choose a more affordable gift to give to many people, you can also choose Japanese toothpastes such as: term.

In Japan, you can find drugs at Drug store chains such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Welcia, CREATE…
These chains have many branches across the country so they are easy to find.

Functional foods

Spirulina 2,400 tablets
(about 2 months)

Price: 2,116 yen

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Collagen PURE HADA
60 tablets (taken for 1 month)

Price: 1,140 yen ~

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Japanese functional foods are very good, so if you can, remember to buy them and try them out.

In addition to spirulina and collagen, Japan also has many functional foods to help reduce stress, reduce visceral fat or whiten skin…

You can refer to the following article for more information.


Face Powder (CAN MAKE)

Price: 1,034 yen

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Mini Set SK-II (Shiseido)

Price: 5,800 yen ~

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If choosing a gift to give a female friend, there is nothing better than Japanese cosmetics.

Japan can be considered a cosmetic paradise when there are hundreds of product lines suitable for different ages.

Such as:

  • For girls under 20 years old: you can choose cosmetics of CAN MAKE or Chifure.
  • For girls about 30 years old: you can choose cosmetics of KATE, Kose or Shiseido (SK-II line).
  • For girls about 40 years old: you can choose cosmetics of FANCL or Shiseido (HAKU line).

If you do not have enough time to choose carefully, you can buy a sunscreen or a moisturizing mask as a gift, which is also very suitable.

You know, in Japan there are a lot of moisturizing masks that are both effective and come in interesting shapes!

Pore ​​tightening rice mask (28 pieces)

Price: 1,760 yen

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Edo Art Mask (4 pieces)

Price: 1,000 yen ~

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Kitchen utensils

Fish shaped dishwasher

Price: 1,100 yen

Mua ở Amazon (3 pieces)

Mua ở Rakuten (4 pieces)

Japanese knife 165mm

Price: 2,811 yen ~

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Buy at Rakuten

Choosing gifts to give to those who love to cook, don’t ignore dozens of useful kitchen utensils sold a lot in Japan.

My recommendation is Japanese kitchen knives, not too expensive but extremely good and durable.
Or you can also visit 3COINS stores (same price: 300 yen/item) or Loft chain stores to buy cute and convenient kitchen utensils at more affordable prices.

Starbucks cup

Exclusive Starbucks cup in Japan

Price: 2,800 yen

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Starbucks coffee brand is very creative when designing exclusive cup models for each country, even each region of that country.

Starbucks in Japan is no exception. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, you can easily find Starbucks cups printed with landscapes or typical dishes of that locality.

Many Japanese people have a hobby of collecting Starbucks cups with exclusive designs from places they have traveled to, so they can keep memories of those places when they return home.

Starbucks cups are not only a unique gift for relatives and friends, but you should also buy one for yourself to remind you of the precious experiences you had in Japan.

Boxwood comb

A boxwood comb will be a meaningful gift for your mother or female friend after a trip to Japan.

Boxwood combs are not only very durable but also very gentle on the scalp because they cause little static electricity, and the more you use them, the shinier they become.

Because there are not many stores selling combs, it will be a bit difficult to find and buy them directly, but you can easily order them online.
Depending on the type of boxwood, the price will vary, ranging from about 3,000 yen ~ 6,000 yen for a 9cm long comb.


Eraser shaped like a cup of shaved ice

Japanese stationery is loved not only for its high quality but also for its creativity in design.

Take a stroll through the 100 yen shops or the Loft stationery chain, you will be fascinated by a series of unique stationery products such as erasable ballpoint pens, erasers shaped like dishes or stacks of notepads shaped like Mount Fuji.

Both cute, convenient and affordable, stationery is an ideal gift choice for friends and colleagues after a trip to Japan.

Omamori amulet

If you have the opportunity to visit a temple or a shrine during your trip to Japan, don’t forget to buy an Omamori amulet.

Call it an amulet, but Japanese Omamori is not scary but very cute. It looks like a small fabric bag with many different colors and patterns.

There are many types of Omamori in Japan, such as charms for good luck, charms for good exam results, or charms for traffic safety. Japanese people often put Omamori in their bags or hang it in their cars as a decoration to bring good luck.

Omamori lucky charms are usually not expensive, only about 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen, and are compact, so you can buy a lot to give to relatives and friends.


For those of you who love Japanese culture, there is no better gift than a Yukata.

Yukata is the Japanese summer kimono.
Yukata is usually made of cotton so it absorbs sweat well and has only 1 layer so it is easy to wear.

In Japan, you can find Yukata at shopping malls or souvenir shops in tourist areas.
Depending on the fabric and pattern, the price will vary, on average a Yukata set will cost about 3,000 yen ~ 6,000 yen.

Not only is there an adult version, in Japan Yukata also has a very cute children’s version.
You can buy them to give to the children in your family.

Yukata for boys
(73cm ~ 90cm)

Price: 2,350 yen

Buy at Amazon

Yukata for girls
(60cm ~ 95cm)

Price: 2,480 yen

Buy at Amazon

Tenugui towel

Tenugui towel Made in Japan

Price: 1,320 yen

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Tenugui is a traditional Japanese scarf.
Tenugui’s characteristics are that it is thin and dries quickly, so it is often used as a cleaning cloth. You can also frame Tenugui towels to use as home decorations.

Tenugui scarves are widely sold at souvenir stalls in tourist areas or in shopping centers. If you want to save more, you can also buy Tenugui towels with simple patterns at 100 yen shops.


Because the Japanese eating culture is using chopsticks, in Japan, chopsticks are meticulously designed so that it is both easy to pick up food and pretty to make the meal more beautiful.

You can find a wide variety of chopsticks in Japan with different materials (such as oak, bamboo), different thicknesses, and different tip shapes (plain or serrated).

Depending on the material, “Made in Japan” chopsticks usually cost around 1,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen/pair.
It is true that it is a bit high, but this price range is all very beautiful and durable chopsticks.

If you want to buy more affordable Japanese chopsticks, you can visit a 100 yen shop or 3COINS store.
The chopsticks here are also very beautiful, the price is also cheap, so it is very suitable to buy as a gift for many people.

Daruma doll

Daruma dolls (also known as darting Daruma) are a type of traditional Japanese doll.
In Japan, Daruma dolls are considered a lucky object that helps dreams come true.

Daruma dolls will initially have no eyes, after purchasing you will have to draw the eyes yourself.
Make a wish and draw in one eye (usually Daruma’s left eye), and when your wish comes true, draw in the other eye.

Daruma dolls are usually made of mache or ceramic, with many sizes (from a few centimeters to several tens of centimeters) and different colors that look very cute.
This is a special gift suitable for those who love Japanese culture or like to collect small and beautiful things.

You can find Daruma dolls at souvenir shops in tourist areas for as little as a few hundred yen.
And don’t forget to buy for yourself so Daruma can help you fulfill your wishes.

Japanese socks

Both useful and fashionable, Japanese socks are also a gift that foreigners often choose.

You can find many pairs of socks with interesting patterns in souvenir shops in tourist areas. The price is also relatively cheap, about 700 yen ~ 1,000 yen/ pair.

If you want to buy “Made in Japan” socks, you can go to shopping centers. The price of “Made in Japan” socks usually ranges from 1,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen/ pair. It’s true it’s a bit expensive but the quality is great!

Read more

Model food

If you come to Japan for the first time, you will have to admire the sophistication of the model foods displayed in front of restaurants in shopping malls or in train stations.

These model foods are also sold as souvenirs in tourist areas, so you can also buy them as gifts for relatives and friends to have a surprise.

Depending on the sophistication, the price of a keychain or decorative magnet usually ranges from 800 yen to 2,000 yen.

Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

The lucky cats Maneki Neko with their adorable smiles are also a very popular Japanese gift.

Maneki Neko in Japan has many versions.
Maneki Neko waving right hand brings fortune, Maneki Neko waving left hand brings customers.
The white Maneki Neko means good luck, the black Maneki Neko wards off evil spirits, the yellow Maneki Neko represents money or the pink Maneki Neko is a symbol of love.

Any souvenir shop around the tourist area you can find Maneki Neko.
Maneki Nekos are usually made of ceramic and porcelain and cost about 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen for one.


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